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Three mockup screens of the Perfect Paws App


Me, myself and I


UX Design, Visual Designer


Figma, Adobe Illustrator


Aug - Sep 2021 (2 weeks)


The objective of this assignment was to create a digital mockup/prototype of a mobile application as a companion piece to the Printed Passion Guide Booklet. The guidebook I designed was about iconic places in San Diego for locals and visitors who love traveling and exploring new places.

For the app part, I created a road trip planner application to help visitors discover incredible places and plan their routes not only in San Diego but anywhere else in the world. This app is a solution for the travel and tourism industry helping tourists to build, custom, and explore trips with ease.

San Diego iconic places book




Get a personalized trip

  • Users can get a full day-to-day itinerary based on their preferences.
  • It makes the most of their trip with logistics, like minimizing travel time and recommending how much time to spend.

All in on place

  • We'll find the best routes and schedules; users can efficiently check out the places and refine their trip.
  • Checklist reminds users to purchase tickets, rent cars, and find places to stay.


Research & Development

I began the project by researching the existing competitors and other travel planner applications to gather insight into their strengths and weakness. These insights helped me identify how I want YOGO to operate. I noted highlighted features and trends those apps are implementing as well as the areas they are missing. By doing this, I could get to know how they effectively solve hunger problem users. I also reached out to 3 travel lovers to deeply understand their experience of planning a road trip and get their feedback on what they are expected in a travel planner app.

Feedback led me to incorporate the personalized trip feature that allows users to plan their trip based on their preferences, discover places, customize the plan, and manage it, such as booking hotels, renting cars, purchasing tickets, etc.

User PERsona

When traveling, it is essential to be prepared. In the modern era, having the right apps on your phone is also necessary for a smooth trip. My friend and I enjoy planning future trips together; we talk about it a lot, but we never actually go. I was curious to find out why it always happens. Then, I started the research phase with three in-depth interviews and came to the main reason: lack of focus.

User Persona 01 for Perfect Paws app

User Flow

It's easy to set the plan's goal, but staying focused on planning the trip that tackles all that needs to be executed is quite hard. Everyone has their own set of activities; focusing on trip planning can be pretty challenging to do. How might we create an app that helps travelers create more in-depth trip planning based on their references? Next is the user flow that I made for the application with the project's goal in mind. The goal is to make a logical and easy route for users to navigate while using the app.

User Persona 01 for Perfect Paws app

Wireframe sketches

Next, I mapped out the app's architecture and began with lots of sketching.

User Persona 01 for Perfect Paws app
User Persona 01 for Perfect Paws app

Low-Fidelity Wireframe

Then, I digitized sketches and created low-fidelity wireframes to work out the information architecture of each page.

2x2 Feature Prioritization Matrix

High Fidelity Wireframe

2x2 Feature Prioritization Matrix

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