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I'm a UI/UX and Web Designer


I aspire to minimize people's technostress and shape delightful experiences with human-centered design.

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wHO am i?

I graduated from San Diego State University in 2023, majoring in Multimedia, emphasizing UI/UX design. I focus on User Research, Interaction Design and have a crush on Visual Design.

As a designer, I have always strived to create impactful solutions by employing a human-centric approach and leveraging my innate curiosity to make people's lives easier and more delightful.

My graduation picture
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As a child, I used to help my mom with tech questions. I still vividly remember how I helped her use her new iPhone, how to make a video call via Facebook, or airdrop a photo to others, and more. With my innate curiosity, I realized that I embrace helping people around me to solve their problems. This carried through into my professional life where I worked as a Web Designer with cross-functional teams. I delivered design to maximize business revenue by conducting market research, developing a content strategy, and contributing collaborative ideas as a team player. Those valuable experiences clarified my thoughts about how much I enjoy producing useful outcomes rooted in empathizing with people's experiences.

As passion leads the way, I decided to pursue a career that allows me to follow my lifelong passion for design, and utilize my strengths and experiences purposefully to create meaningful, memorable experiences for everyone on the web and beyond.


Other things I enjoy

I'm a hard worker, but in the meanwhile, I also live a life that truly shines.

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I love watching movies. Beyond entertainment, movies can likely provide me insight into people, with different genres presenting them with many new insights.

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It has always been on my bucket list to explore the world and capture its beauty. Living in different cultures has provided me with a deeper understanding of diversity and allowed me to embrace diverse perspectives in my life.

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Work out

Four times a week, I would like to go to the gym because not only I love my body, but also I want to be as healthy and strong as possible. Working out helps me shut out negative thoughts and stop defining my self-worth by how I look.

Wanna say hey?

If you’d like to talk about a project, collaboration, or just to say hello over coffee, please feel free to drop me a line here or email me at
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